My Emerald Forest

Dawny and I will really miss this beautiful backyard.  When I look out of the kitchen window, the vibrant greens fairly shout at me in their intensity, their glory.  And the air… so clean, so fresh, and always filled with birdsong.

Yes, we will really miss this backyard.  Even though this house, our home, has sheltered us for all of these years and provided such handy amenities as electricity, water, food… it is the backyard that we will miss the most (sorry, house!).  For our beautiful yard has provided nutrition for the spirit when down in the dumps, peace for the heart when caught up in life’s troubles, and sheer joy and freedom for the mind and body (game of tennis, Dawny?).

Thank you, my Emerald City, my beautiful forest, home to:

  • the white pine, planted when I was five months pregnant with our son, and that now stands tall and straight and justifiably proud, as does he;
  • our organic garden which for years fed us healthy fare–and provided the best place in the neighborhood for our son and his friends to make mud pies, mud cities, to carve out lakes and rivers;
  • the magnificent tree we anchored the zip line to and sent children sailing through the air, careening towards another tree, now succumbed to high winds and old age;
  • solid turf where Buster–the best dog in the world–taught Dawny–the greatest dog in the world–to play tennis-ball fetch when she came to us frightened and maladjusted from a young life spent in a kill-shelter;
  • the grassy ledge where numerous beloved pets have been laid to rest (along with a client’s cat that had nowhere else to go).

Yes, our backyard has been an oasis, a tiny little nature preserve, a reverent place for quiet comfort, raucous joy, and unbridled freedom.  Thank you, my tall, proud Emerald Forest.  You are a precious jewel that has sheltered our family with steadfast beauty and grace.

Thank you, and fare well!


  1. Lovely! It would be hard for me to leave such an enchanted place!

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