Yes!  Bear paw prints!  Fresh traces of a Mama Bear and at least one cub were found by one of the campers yesterday morning in the mud of the river that flows by our campground.


FullSizeRender-906The Camp Host (who took the first picture) did his best to convince me that it was a Bigfoot track but even I am not quite that gullible.  Then he tried to enlist my help in trapping the beast.  He would generously supply me with a comfy camp chair and set me up overnight along the muddy bank with a nice bucket of chicken and a net.  If the net didn’t work, all I had to do was wait for the bear to charge upon me with her jaws wide open then plunge my arm into those jaws all the way down to the tail, yank hard!, and turn that beastie inside out.  Simple enough.

I am still lingering in Tennessee.  The weather has been splendid, the people friendly (with laughter a major part of the local lingo), and the dog walks wonderful.  I’ve been helping out and learning the Camp Host ropes so that, if they need help next year, I can come back already trained.  I even know how to trap a bear, which should give me a leg up on some of the other applicants!


  1. Little black beats are more afraid of you than you are of them. The do, however, become very bold when there’s food around and they’re vertical smart and remember that coolers and grills (common items in a campground) usually contain goodies… Be smart and you’ll be safe

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