Morning DjEWels


Lady spins her web

no thought in her head

but to snare

her dinner

for the ‘morrow


FullSizeRender-1333A wanderer appears

dawn’s birdsong in her ears

hearty empty

but open

beyond sorrow



FullSizeRender-1342She spies the Lady’s spell

woven from words that will not tell

the story

how dew-laced strands

captured fog-laden light


FullSizeRender-1346Oh sister spinner, so fair

blissfully unaware

how her masterpiece


a solitary shadow


FullSizeRender-1334Oblivious to delight

Without artful foresight


her dinner

for the ‘morrow



(Dedicated to Lee, Joyce, Starkey, and Ann W., dear friends and fellow travelers in the crafting arts of beauty.)


  1. Debbie Jones says:

    Great photos!

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