Confessions of the Ridiculous

There is a thread on one of my favorite RV sites (  The thread’s title is, “What made you take the leap?”  People shared loads of terrific stories about what motivated them to move into full-time RV life.  If anyone is interested, you can go to the forum and type the thread’s title into the search box to find it.

I was a little too embarrassed to post my answer on that forum, so instead, to celebrate my 2nd anniversary on the road, I am coming clean and posting my answer here.  Ready?

What made me take the leap?  A television commercial!

You may well ask (with a hint of justified judgment in your voice), “You made a humongous, life-changing decision based on a TV commercial???  That’s ridiculous!!!”

Just a little bit.  Of course it was more complicated than that.

Back in the fall and winter of 2013-2014, Consumer Cellular ran a commercial with a retired couple, Connie and Jack, traveling the country in their RV.  Connie and Jack were really annoying.  The RV, on the other hand, was totally appealing.

At that point in my life, I had reached a major crossroad.  That commercial arrived at just the right moment to awaken an old childhood dream, a dream of traveling the country while living in an RV.

Funny thing is, I had spent years and years growing deep roots and settling solidly into my house.  I had every intention of living there until I died.  Heck, I didn’t even like to travel any more.  If I had to drive a fair distance, I found it boring and it was all I could do to stay awake at the wheel.

But my house was falling into disrepair, I could not keep up with the kind of maintenance it needed, and my job/career prospects had eroded to the point where I was having a hard time even getting interviews for the types of jobs I did way back in my early 20’s.  Rejections from the few interviews I got hurt even worse.

My family situation had altered drastically from 20 years previously, when my house had been purchased in far happier times.  There was a tremendous amount of negativity weighing me down, along with many pounds of excess body weight.

Weighed down, worn down…  Something had to change.

What better time for a youthful, hopeful dream to make an appearance, even if it was ushered in by Connie and Jack?

(The photo at the start of this post was taken at the I-68 rest stop in western Maryland when I set out from Virginia two years ago to pick up my RV in Indiana.  It is of a man-made roadcut through Sideling Hill, a geological marvel of exposed strata dating back to when this stretch of the Appalachian Mountains was beachfront property 340 million years ago, lofty mountain heights 240 million years ago, and on along to today’s slowly eroding story.  I hope I’m not eroding too quickly, but I sure can relate to those rocks…  They used to be taller than the Alps!)


  1. To be continued??? I was ready for the ‘rest of the story’ even though I have gone back in your archives and read your story. I just love reading this kind of story. It is very interesting to me because I know the writer and that same dream is in the back of my mind, only with 2 people and 2 dogs. Probably not gonna’ happen but a girl can still dream. Don’t be embarrassed to post on the rv site!

    • To be continued… ah, yes, one can hope! I’m not surprised at your dream, Karen. You may not be full-time on the road, but you have a sweet deal being able to roll out with your hubby and four-legged loved ones whenever you want. Sure am glad our paths crossed!

  2. Cat Lady says:

    Carol, I don’t have a photo at the start of this post. I can’t remember whether or not I told you about RVWomen but here’s the url

    You might want to sign up and eventually get together with other rving ladies. It’s been so hot this summer that I came home from TN and am going to wait until the weather cools down to hit the road again. I’d love to meet you down the road sometime. Safe travels.

    Cat Lady

    • Hi Cat Lady,
      Thanks for the link to the RVWomen site. I will check it out!
      As for the photo at the top of the post, if you don’t see a photo, pull up the post via the archives to the right. Just click on the current month and it should show up that way. Sometimes when you come in via links or email notifications, the photo will not show up. All posts except for one have at least one photo. The poem, Old Friend (3/14/15), is the only post so far that has no photo, and that is because my camera could not convey the beauty of that dance.
      Thanks for visiting and for commenting. 🙂

  3. Like the story of what triggered you to consider taking the leap. I have sort of backed in to my awareness of the need to get my RV and go. Love your stories, reading them hoping I will be out there too. Trying to get the necessary work done to put the house on the market and then watch out world. (and don’t tell the cats they are going to a moving house – it will be our little secret.)

    • Oooo, exciting and stomach-churning times, Diana! Keep me posted on how things are going and pipe up if you have any questions I might be able to help with. As for the kitties, your secret is safe with me… Dawny, on the other hand, is another story so we’ll have to keep her out of the loop. Those critters do tend to stick together when convenient.

  4. As always I’m in awe of your story and bravery. Well written too?. At the moment I’m sitting in my little Phoenix, the AC chugging along on a 96+ deg day, out for the first time since May. I’m thankful for it’s comfort and reliability. But in a few days we will head back home where it will sleep in it’s shade tent until we make our last summer trip for a weekend in August. When the heat breaks in October we will again start our long season of weekend travels. Looking forward to seeing you again this winter, and more stories.

    • Hey there Ann! I hope Bug and Jill and you are all well and happy in the comfort of your PC and your home. I look forward to seeing ya’ll this winter and will keep you posted as to dates and plans. Meanwhile, be well, stay well, and keep all well with your heart.

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