The Brilliance of Bath Mats

For anyone who doesn’t mind looking a bit loony, here is a hopefully helpful hint to protect your windshield (whether on an RV or a stand-alone vehicle) from hail damage.

My rig is not a strict class-C, which would have a large overhang over the drivers cab containing a bed.  It is considered a B+ class.  It is built on a cutaway Ford van chassis with an 8 foot wide body containing the house behind the cab, but the area over the cab is streamlined, with the entertainment center and some storage in it.

This leaves the front windshield totally exposed to potential hail damage.

Enter the bath mat.

The tiny suction cups hold the mat to the windshield very nicely, as well as provide a little extra cushion beyond the rubber surface of the mat itself.  While a hefty wind would likely rip them off of the windshield, at least they will provide some protection up until that point.

After the storm passes, it is very easy to dry the mats either outside or by tossing them onto the shower floor.  Indeed, that shower floor may be a good place to keep them until they are needed for double-duty up front.  Alternatively, they roll up to a fairly compact size for storage.

The picture at the top of this post shows three mats that I slapped onto the windshield this morning before a severe storm hit.  The suction cups worked well and there was no slippage even in heavy rains.  Tomorrow I will go to Walmart and buy a fourth so that I can cover the entire windshield with no gaps.

Loony?  Yup.  Simple?  Yup.  Brilliant?  Nah, but not too shabby!  🙂


  1. Oh that’s excellent idea and you can always use those bathtub mats for other things to I’ll be watching for them to be on sale

  2. Debbie Jones says:

    Great idea!

  3. Peggy Baker says:

    I love this idea! I don’t see your photo? Do you think it would be okay to place these on and leave under a car cover during the summer? Thanks Carol!

    • Hello and welcome, Peggy. Sure, I don’t see why that would be a problem. As for the picture, if you go to the search box in the right hand column of the blog and type in “The Brilliance”… that should bring up the post along with the picture. I am afraid technical things both on an RV and in a computer are more challenging than I can handle sometimes, and even though I know the photos at the top of each blog do not show up for someone who comes in via a search hit on that particular post, I can’t figure out how to fix it. By the way, I got that fourth bath mat. I have placed them on the windshield several times. Fortunately they were not needed, but sometimes you don’t know until it’s too late! Good luck to you in your travels. Carol

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