‘Tis Raining

It’s raining

It’s pouring

Everything is squirming

No pretty raindrops

Spring sunshine is blocked

by a sky full of ninjas worming!

Ninja caterpillars, to be more precise.  This post’s photo is of the top rail of the bench in the little doggy park here in our Florida campground.  They were sort of pretty at first.  Now, I just hate them.  They fly around on their silken threads, landing on Dawny, on me, on my hat, ALL over our little house on wheels…  They are coating my tires so thickly–you may thank me now for not giving you a photo of that–I fear that when I drive off I will get stuck, spinning my wheels in their slippery, slimy guts while trying to roll out of my site.   So gross!


  1. Debbie Jones says:


    How is Dawny feeling?

    • Yup Yuck.
      And, unfortunately, Dawny is feeling pretty yuck, too.
      I am working on a diet plan to help her out.
      Thanks for asking!
      We’ll be up in your neck of the woods mid-April through May, Debbie, if you have time to pop up for a Panera’s date. :))

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