And We’re Off!

Yup!  We have had two wonderful months back home with my splendid son and so many beautiful friends, but today we are hitting the road.  Albeit, with mixed feelings.

On our morning walk, the rising sun was exceptionally big and bright and warm.  It whispered promises of Florida sunshine, 60 and 70 degree Winter days, and long beaches beckoning us for our daily walks.  Hmmmm…  nice on the surface, but that means Christmas with no snow… and no family.  Ah, well, tis a challenge to be merry sometimes, but we will cross that rickety old bridge when we get there.

Dawny and I have had a delightful time at this campground for two months (Pohick Bay Regional Park).  I rate our campgrounds on the quality of dog walks, and this one scored a 10, with everything from a network of winding, wooded trails to easy walks on paved roads down to lovely river views.  I’ve tightened my belt one more notch on now-baggy pants that I packed five months ago in the hopes of fitting into them again someday.

We learned that we can easily survive nights in the teens and twenties with our little house’s plumbing system intact.  I cannot risk being caught here in snow and ice for long, though.  Our house could easily transform into an out-of-control boulder on wheels should we be caught driving in those conditions, which would put a real damper on our Winter adventure (I suppose I have grown older and wiser since the times referred to in my last post).

So, the memory of those seven snowflakes I saw falling last week will have to suffice to bring a Christmas smile this year.  Knowledge that my son is growing in so many ways, beyond his six-plus feet, will warm my heart as I forge ahead with my own, new holiday tradition (I hear they sell alligator meat where I am going!).  And we shall hit the road with an eye to new adventures, new vistas, and new friends.

Now, excuse me as I don my rose-colored sunglasses, put Dawny’s comfy new bed into long-road-day position (on the floor between the driver and passenger’s seats), and set off into the wild, sunny yonder.

(Picture of Dawny delighting in a romp on Pohick Bay Regional Park’s beach.  That is ice on the fringe of the water behind her and she is telling me that she don’t need no stupid sweater!–her words exactly.)

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