About Your Hostess

tonysartHow in the world did I come up with the idea of selling my home of over 20 years, closing my personal assistant business (which catered to many older clients), traveling the country in a home on wheels, and writing a blog?

Well, it was either a motorcycle with a side car for my canine companion, Dawny, or life on the road as a full-time RVer.  Since I am not as young or strong as I once was (when I rode a motorcycle to Key West and would habitually take off on solo camping trips), I chose the RV.  Plus it is soooo much easier on Dawny.

Once people realized that I really meant it–that I was really selling my nice solid brick home that was planted firmly on its patch of even more solid ground, and opting instead for a home with a big engine, six wheels, and around 200 square feet of living space–my older brother asked me:  “When did you come up with this (ahem… crazy) idea?”

“When I was 11,” I replied.

I think my response surprised us both.  But it came back to me so clearly as I considered his question:  memories of a young girl, dreaming and scheming, drawing up RV floor plans.  Where would the furniture go, where would I travel, what would it be like?  Little did I know then that it would take nearly five decades, but all those crazy, wonderful, and sometimes difficult paths I took would eventually lead me back to that young girl’s dream.

IMG_0285Yes, this felt right.  Embarking upon this particular adventure at this particular time felt right.  While I was still healthy and mean enough to pull it off, my path was clear.

So, welcome on my journey, our journey, as I explore this beautiful country, as I tackle the challenges of  full-time RV life (among other things), and as I reflect on what it is to age in America today (among other things).


Link to author page at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/author/carolevans

(Original artwork at top of post by Tony Lunsford, a talented young man and one of my son’s very best friends.)