About You & Comments

Dear DawnyMuch of what you find here–thoughts, feelings, experiences–are things we all share, but you have your own unique perspectives and stories to add to the mix.  Regardless of our chronological age, we share the fact that, until our dying breath, every one of us is aging.  We also all call some place home, whether we be nomad or settled or somewhere in between.

With this commonality in mind, I encourage you to use the Comments section to contribute your own words and experiences, keeping in mind a few simple ground rules:

  • Please be patient, as I set the blog up so that each time anyone comments, it passes through me for moderation before it is posted;
  • stay focused on the subject at hand;
  • be as positive as possible when addressing one another;
  • take political diatribes and debates elsewhere (unless I’ve uncorked a second bottle of wine and we’re on our third round of s’mores);
  • and please include only those words and sentiments you would not object to seeing in the “Book of Your Life” when you someday meet your Maker.

Thank You!

Carol & Dawny

(Link to author page at Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/author/carolevans.)