The 30th Day, Free, 4/2-4/3

The 30th Day will be available for free on Amazon’s ebook site this weekend, April 2nd and 3rd.  If you miss the free days, the regular price is just $2.99.

If you read and enjoy the book, please consider doing a short review of it on Amazon.  This is really helpful for search rankings and future sales.  After all, people can’t buy it if they can’t find it… not to mention the encouragement it provides to the author!  If you go to your account page and find your recent purchases, you can review it from there.

My blog post of February 26th provides a few details on the story’s subject and the writing and publishing process.  You can find that post by clicking on February 2016 under “Archives” in the column to the right.

Below is a direct link to The 30th Day on Amazon:

Thank you for reading!

(The book can also be found on my Amazon author page:


Just popping by to let you know that The 30th Day will be offered for free on Amazon’s ebooks site this weekend, March 5-6.  You can find the book easily through my Amazon author page at

A big thanks to all of you who have read it and passed the word (and even the book!) along to others.  You rock!  Thanks also to those who have reviewed it, although I have heard that some reviews aren’t showing up on Amazon’s site.  Here’s a tip about what seems to work best on that score:  If you go to your Amazon account page and bring up recent purchases, then review the book from there, it should successfully go through.  In any case, there is no need to stress over it if it doesn’t show up.  Please just know that we are grateful to all of you for reading.

Dawny and I are busy with departure preps and goodbyes since we will be leaving our winter roost soon.  We plan to get back to our normal blog postings soon, too… whatever “normal” is…  She says normal is about 30 cookies per day…  Who am I to argue?

From the Rooftops! The 30th Day!

Time to yell it from the rooftops:  The book is here!

Before going off on all sorts of self-congratulatory and excited tangents–trust me, they are waiting in the wings–here is the basic information on the book for any reader who would like to check it out:

Title:  The 30th Day.  Found at Amazon’s Kindle ebooks, or via either of these links: or

If you do not have a Kindle device, there are apps that you can get so that you can read their books on many other devices, including iCloud and iPads, various other phones and tablets, etc.  Warning, warning!  Unabashed self-serving plug:  If you like the book, it would be lovely and very useful (for search rankings) if you would be so kind as to provide a positive review.  Thanks in advance to anyone willing to oblige.

Soooooo, I am now a published author.  Self-published, yes, but published nevertheless.  Rather than feeling meek because a grand old publishing house isn’t behind me, I can feel swell because, not only am I an author, I am also a publisher (Dawny is handing out measuring tapes for anyone who would like to measure my swelling head).  My 25 foot house-on-wheels now also serves as a publishing house.  Like, Wow!!!

After going through this process with Kindle Direct Publishing, I feel nothing but amazed gratitude.  The process takes a bit of attention and care, as well it should, but it is fairly easy and streamlined.  For any aspiring authors out there (and I know there are at least a couple who read this blog), all I can say is go for it.  Write your piece and put it out there.

Kindle Publishing is like a great equalizer.  Anyone can have their say on the grand stage.  Anyone can share their stories, their dreams, and their wild and wonderful imaginings.  I guess it’s sort of like the literary version of Youtube.

Enough of the grandiose silliness.  Bottom line, I hope people can enjoy this story that my friend, Rebeccah, and I have created.  Rebeccah is the heart of the tale.  She is real.  Very real.  I met her and her husband at this campground a year ago and that is when I became acquainted with the edges of her story.  They were here again this winter when I returned, and we delved deeper.

The day after my return, Rebeccah and I sat at my dinette, Dawny slumbering peacefully on her chair, as Rebeccah spilled her words, thoughts, inspirations, and occasional bursts of outrageousness and I did my best to keep up on my laptop.  With a few breaks, we have met daily for three months.

Rebeccah is the heart.  I crafted the flesh and the frame.  God brought us together.

May you enjoy the result and, more importantly, may you find a blessing in this little contribution to the literary world.

(Post’s photo is of a self portrait by Rebeccah, “Between Sand and Sea and Sky,” done on a discarded cheese platter.)