Another Chapter Closes

Labor Day weekend.  Full campground.  Cooler nights and families desperate for s’mores whittled our firewood supply down three times over.  Maintenance hauled it in by the tractor load, and we delivered it by the golf cart load–my favorite job.  🙂

Aside from some unavoidable old-lady peevishness–brought on by campers who can’t walk on the roads but insist on the shortest path to wherever they are aiming even if it takes them within inches of my window–I have to admit it has been a wonderful weekend closing to this summer in Tennessee.  We didn’t have any trouble.  Not even one complaint, as far as I know.  Just kids flying around on their bikes, playing in the sandbox, tossing a football with dad; campers playing horseshoes, walking dogs, enjoying the pool; water lovers fishing and kayaking in the river that flows along the length of the park.  Families making memories.

Nevertheless, Dawny and I eagerly anticipate tomorrow, when 73 campers will pull out in a long, winding train back to their homes, their lives, their normalcy.  For then we will once again be free to walk the campground loop without fear of an off-leash or too-long-of-a leashed dog rushing us from between the endless rows of campers.  Dawny likes to walk through the park area just fine, but her true joy is keeping track of our immediate neighborhood in the campground, smelling all the news that is fit to piddle.  Boy, she is going to get a nose-full tomorrow!

Meanwhile, the signs of autumn hover over our heads in browning, slowly falling leaves.  In spots they crunch underfoot, announcing the coming season of quickening nightfalls and lazy-rising morns.  The promise of cozy, delectable holiday feasting wafts from the next fluttering page.

Soon enough, we will move on, too.  Close this little chapter and open another.  Until then, I look forward to enjoying the peace and quiet, as well as the vibrancy and color, that comes with early autumn in Tennessee.  It is a beautiful place and we are blessed to be here.

My hope for you is that your next season is as lovely and you are just as blessed.

Mother Nature’s Art Class


Get out your glue sticks, children!

and construction paper

and a pair of nice



baby scissors

Here is a box of 64-color Crayolas

Mmmmm they smell good, don’t they?

Play nice and share . . .

Okay, now throw it all out the window!

Then out we go

into my world . . .



FullSizeRender-1033Gravity’s artful dalliance

with a soft

and thoughtful breeze

perfectly fills our canvas





FullSizeRender-1043Shapes colors and shadows

evoke texture movement emotion

A golden van Gogh landscape

brings the senses home





FullSizeRender-999Colors go POP!

like a Warhol classic

multitudes masking

the uniqueness of one







strobe lights

complements of Sister Sun





FullSizeRender-1036Faces gently blushing

hearts softly flutter

a pastel palette

that does Monet proud





photo 1While naked trunks

and bare arms

grant graceful shading

in all the right places




FullSizeRender-1037Rembrandts of raindrops

on somber blacktop

Golden red brown on black . . .

a bold fashion statement





FullSizeRender-1027Beauty’s dying breath

captured, enraptured

with all the drama

of a da Vinci touch



FullSizeRender-1002Dried out veins

and empty dewdrops

no longer nourish

brittle fronds of lace





FullSizeRender-1026And back to the earth

to Mother’s sweet bosom

our subjects return

for a well-earned rest





FullSizeRender-1017Judgement suspended

as all art is lovely . . .

moving composition

a Matisse masterpiece!




Autumnal Ball

Greens on blue

so fresh so bright

nature’s artful palliate

of false forever promises

while Celestial Queen

reigns on high

warming Mother Earth

with radiant




But She tires with time

(as do we all!)


sighing deeply

draping back of graceful hand

photo 2gently on cool forehead

she reclines

ever so slowly

towards the distant promise

of the southern horizon


photo 3And the trees


to the task at hand:

weave a plush blanket

for beloved Mother

from their most precious attire


photo 4But first!

A celebration!

A bole dance!





FullSizeRender-8Perennial pines

work their magic

with ever-busy needles

knitting mossy slippers

for the dancers’

knobby toes



come early

standing bright sentinel

photo 4as chill sets in

(Damn you, Celeste!)

and still green sisters


over wardrobe and jewels




too tired

to put on the fancy

photo 3go straight to brown

barely mindful of their fall

dreaming private dreams

in breathless silence

too aleuf to care



All soon joined

by skinny old ladies

scantily clad

in elegant vinery

waltzing in the breeze

photo 1til long gnarled fingers

grasp unadorned

for rings upon rings

they insist

are mislaid






signal the party’s height

photo 4wild yellows



fairly scream silent farewell




Barely batting a twig

they stretch lithe limbs

lace long fingers

and shed bright gleaves

photo 1spinning slowly

to the soft





Many bold displays

of slightly wilted

self-made corsages


by tenuous fingerholds

photo 4with a gentle rustling

dampened to plush silence

as Mother

pulls up

her blanket



Though bark naked they now stand



weary, too

their hearts remain warm

FullSizeRender-15memories aglow

as embers within


their Queen’s