Toodle-oo :)

Thank you cherished friends and readers for accompanying me and my sweet Dawny (sweet as long as you are not another DOG!) on our journey these past three years.  I do believe the time has come to wrap up the blog postings.  Although, who knows for how long?  All I know for sure is that my traveling companion needs loads of love and attention and care and that is where I wish to place my time and energy and love.

So, let’s not linger on the page, let’s not get tangled up in words, and let’s not pay undue attention as health fails.  It is a respect thing.  A privacy thing.  I would like nothing better than to drive off into the sunset with my girl in a colorful flash of uncommon grace, waving the Queen’s wave from a workamper’s work cart, Dawny smiling at my side…  Later, Alligator!

For Dawny’s friends, her good days still outnumber her bad days.  For this, we are grateful.  Were she to be fully informed on the ins-and-outs of the blogging world and the potential everlastingness of the written word, I believe this is where she would like to be remembered.  Healthy enough to enjoy long walks and still full of sass.  Excited and eager on road-trip days.  Happy to receive cookies and loving from friends, old and new.  Ready to bite some random dog’s head off.

Okay, okay, I hear you.  I am placing all sorts of human feelings and motives onto a dog.  Well, since she has responded with more feeling and exhibited more honest, raw motives than many bipedal beings I have encountered, we shall claim poetic license and craft things how we please.

It is, after all, our blog.  Our journey.  Every bit as much hers as it is mine.  So, yes, this is a fitting time to pause.  Paws.  Four happy paws and a sassy wag of the tail…  After a while, Crocodile!

At this point, my hope is to find a productive focus despite my own dwindling energy (sadness has an insidious way of sapping time and energy from the day, peace and rest from the night).  I would love to concentrate more on ebook stories.  It is such a cool way to create and communicate.  I will keep you posted on any (if any) future publications here, should you wish to continue following the blog.  If you stop following, though, I will certainly understand.  Life is so full of options.  Clutter.  Noise.  Options.  Sometimes it takes real effort to sort through and find the peace.

Meanwhile, Dawny and I shall quietly retreat to a more private space.  We will continue to roll down our beautiful together-path as long as Time allows.  What happens after that is anyone’s guess.

We wish all of you simplicity, honesty, and peace in your lives and loves.  Beauty and laughter lining your roads.  Thank you for sharing ours these past three years.

Toodle-oo, Mr. Magoo! —

Carol and Dawny Virgil Prewash Sassy Generous Evans (a.k.a. Midnight Unicorn…  a.k.a. Best Road Doggy in the World…  a.k.a. Best Doggy in the World)


Countdown to a real book!

In early December I posted that I was feeling strangely excited about arriving at our winter RV home this year.  Now I know why.  Actually, I figured it out shortly after our arrival.

Last winter I met a wonderful couple, Joy and Tony (names I gave them for their blog posts).  I wrote two posts devoted to them (Boxes, Both Miraculous and Mundane, March 6, 2015, and the poem Old Friend, March 14, 2015).  They are here this winter, too, and Joy and I have made a book together.  It is a novella, accounting one woman’s courageous and inspiring life journey.  It is her journey.

We started working on the story the day after my arrival.  We both knew it was right.  The project, the timing, and each other.  Because I love story telling, and she had more story to tell.

Even before setting out on my RV adventure, I had hopes that maybe, perhaps, hopefully, God-willing I would be able to write something like a book at some point.  (I also wanted to relearn the guitar, but that went nowhere!)  A friend of mine made me aware of Kindle self-publishing some time ago, and it made a lot of sense.  It puts the power into the hands of the primary players (the authors) rather than the archaic, convoluted, tortuous maze authors often have to navigate in the traditional publishing world.

Anyone can write and upload a book to Kindle.  The audience is worldwide.  What more can you ask for?  Well, marketing for one thing.  With a self-published book, the marketing is largely up to the author, and social media is a key element.

I have avoided Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and whatever else is out there so far.  As a fine, upstanding, stalwart citizen of IHVU (Introverted Hermits Vaguely United), I get exhausted and frazzled by too much social interaction.  The mere idea of keeping up with tweets and friends-who-I’ve-never-met-and-never-will-meet and whatever else the multitudes have to offer and to take, makes me want to crawl way deeper into my cave.  Well, that’s a great place to think.  And write.  But not to experience.  And not to share.

I created Aging on Wheels before I set out on my journey in mid-2014 with the long range goal that if I did manage to come up with a book, I could perhaps promote it here, on my very own blog.  Meanwhile, the blog took on a life of its own, becoming a friend in a way.  A journal, a diary, a place to share my thoughts and practice my writing.  A place to record the meeting of new friends, reconnections with old friends, and to chatter about some of the things I suspect we all have in common.  As a solo traveler, even an introvert likes to chatter to someone other than the dog sometimes.

It’s odd, but although the blog is out there for the whole world to see, should anyone in the world choose to look, it has felt like a safe place.  I think that is largely due to the kindness of my visitors, who give me space, consideration, and love.

In the vastness of the cyber-universe, there aren’t a lot of people who follow Aging on Wheels.  But please know that I am grateful for all of you who do.  I am particularly thankful for those of you who have expressed appreciation for my writing and for those who have encouraged me to continue.  Most of all, I deeply appreciate all of you who are and who have become friends.

So, to all of my readers here, please pardon my blatant plug for this upcoming book.  I do hope some of you will read it and enjoy it once it is published.  If any of you feel moved to provide a review of the book, that would be truly helpful, too, since reviews help the book rank higher in search lists.  It should be released by the end of the month.  And, trust me, I will keep you posted on the exact date, title, and other details!

Meanwhile, I am busy studying the finer points of formatting for Kindle and how to download a product that my friend and I will be able to be proud of.  It turns out that the process isn’t totally simple and brainless.  But it’s a wonderful challenge, and it feels like a terrific beginning.

It’s pretty nifty getting to enjoy new beginnings at this stage of life. 🙂


I’ve been writing this blog for a little over a year now, having started it shortly before I moved into full-time RV-life mode.  As originally envisioned and on its most basic level, the blog was to be a place to journal my experiences during a period of major transition.  Knowing that experiences and feelings are very often shared by many, I hoped that honestly sharing what I saw and felt could be encouraging to others who are looking to discern and follow their dreams.

Figuring that I would need something more to focus on than simply a daily journal of what I ate, saw, thought, yada yada yada, I wanted to also write about aging issues.  About people who wanted to “age in place” and maintain their independence and home for as long as possible.  About aging anyplace, maintaining dignity and spirit no matter where we call home.

But that wasn’t all the blog was intended to do.  I had bigger plans, dreams.  I’ve always had a desperate love for the written word and, like many young people, I lost (and found) myself in books.  From wonderful works like Tolkien’s The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings to weightier pieces such as Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The First Circle.  I guess I enjoyed high drama.  And, although I could never hope to approach the quality and success of my literary heroes, I wanted to write a book someday.  Just a small one.

This blog has served as an excellent place to exercise writing muscles.  To stretch and to strengthen them.  But it also has felt uncomfortably self-focused.  Narcissistic.  It’s been full of a lot more yada yada yada about me me me than anything else.

So I think it’s time to shift my writing energy somewhat.  Focus more on others.  Carve out more time to work on my book.  My book.  Now that’s a scary thought!

Meanwhile, I will continue the blog, perhaps at a reduced pace, and we’ll see where it takes us.  Full circle?  More tangents?  Out-of-control spiral… up… down?  Or simply more of the same?  I honestly don’t know.

For any who come along for the ride or just peek in now and then, you are always welcome.  I will slide on over, offer you a seat, and thank you for keeping company for whatever time you have.

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