Today My Son


Today my son left the home in which he was born.  Literally.  The room where he let out his first cry, peered at the world through virgin eye, now echoes barren space.

I remember walking him (and the dogs, of course!) through the neighborhood for some fresh air, and a neighbor asked me about my new baby, my “son.”  That word, “son!”  My heart swelled with pride.  I did indeed have a son, a beautiful, perfect, miraculous son.

Today my son spread his wings and took flight.  Literally.  He should be somewhere over the Shenandoah Mountains about now.  I hope he has a window seat and can enjoy their sight, like a sloppy giant’s big green, rumpled blanket… left out for his mother to pick up, no doubt!

Today it is as if all of the plans and activities of these past few months–decisions, preparations, cleaning, repairing, selling–have crossed a fault-line in the earth.  A huge gap in the mountains’ pass.  Between then… and now.  Between looking back… and moving forward.  Our current doggie, Dawny, and I will be harboring within these now-clean walls–devoid of family pictures and childhood artwork–for a little while longer before we also set forth, to begin our new adventure.

And my son?  Our son!  He has been blessed with strong, loving roots that will nurture him wherever he ventures.  May his path be sprinkled with seeds of joy, his heart showered with great love, and his mind grow fertile with creative inspiration.

Love, Mom

On Bears and Muffins

A dear friend mentioned recently that she is facing her fear of public speaking by speaking in front of a church group she attends.  She was so happy that it truly made a difference in getting over that fear.  This reminded me of how powerful a tool that is.  Take your specific fear and do it, again and again.  You go, girl!

I fear snakes, and bears, and spiders.  So here I am… planning to leave my nice solid home and head off into the wilds.

I fear other dogs attacking my dog, Dawny, or Dawny attacking another dog.  This has gotten so bad that I rarely take her for walks any more and just let her get her exercise in our fenced yard.  So off we go… in an 8×24 foot home where frequent dog walks outside of our tiny, safe abode will be a necessity as constant as a revolving door.

I fear getting hurt by other humans.  So… I’ve left the brick fortress I’ve hidden in for so many years and am venturing into a world with shifting, invisible, and even nonexistent boundaries, populated by total strangers.

Sounds a bit crazy.

Until you realize that ax murderers and others of their sort come in all shapes and sizes and faces, and you never truly know if you have had one under your very own roof or even in your bed for years.  After all, those horrible perpetrators of gruesome crimes usually have a family of some sort, back home, in their own safe fortress.

And Dawny may well blossom in this mobile lifestyle, and acclimate to her new social life and its attendant expectations.  She may rise to meet her own challenges with an uncommon grace (can you hear the hope in my voice?).

As for snakes, bears, and spiders, just look at those stories you see once in a while of someone discovering a gigantic snake in their toilet or in their cellar!  And consider those poor bears who have found it necessary to invade suburbia, breaking into brick houses for that honey nutt muffin or fresh baked blueberry pie.

Yep, best to just face those fears down, because whether you are standing–frozen–or moving with the wind, they will find you.  For they live with you, right there in your heart.

You go, girl!