Above All Else

Wow!  Dawny and I arrived back in the old neighborhood yesterday.  My son still lives in the area, and he is doing great.  He is a caring, responsible, strong, highly creative young man, perfectly able to survive without my daily interfere–errrr… presence!  He’s been awesome about keeping in touch but I can’t describe how wonderful it is to actually see him again and to hug him as he towers over me!

Dawny was thrilled when she saw “her boy” and insisted on full-mouth kisses.  She has enjoyed taking walks in the old neighborhood, and I think it is fascinating that she doesn’t give our old house a glance.  She knows where her boy lives now, and heads right up the correct driveway when we are done with the walk.  I had thought that maybe she missed the old place and would be confused being so close to it but not going there, that she would be hauling me up the old driveway to get to that beautiful back yard.  Turns out she has her priorities perfectly straight:  loved ones above all else.

Dawny’s behavior brought back memories of how hard it was to leave that old home of ours, for me at any rate.  I can look back at some of my woe-is-me blog posts from June, and I feel at peace.  Yes, it was a very real challenge to downsize to such an extent and to make such a drastic change.  To leave my son, surrounded by a support system, but  otherwise on his own as he navigates life as a young adult.  To leave my own support system and pursue a dream, with all of its attendant unknowns.  Yes, Dawny, loved ones above all else.  No matter where we are, those are the ties that remain strong–invisible, intangible, steely strong.

We will be enjoying ourselves amongst family and friends until the cold weather chases us South.  I am hoping we get to stay through Thanksgiving, but we shall see.  At this point, I will be grateful for every day we get, every moment with my son, and every visit with dear friends.  And when we eventually hit the road again, all of that love will travel with us, enriching every mile.

We are blessed.

(Photo of Dawny sharing a grassy snack with some local horses at our last stop up in Pennsylvania.  She sure has chilled out!)