During a really hard time in my life, while living in this wonderful house with its beautiful yard, I had a repetitive dream that deeply disturbed me.  Upon waking, I felt wounded, my heart and the pit of my stomach in pain.

In this dream, my beautiful yard was gouged, mangled, destroyed in various ways:  big, loud, dirty construction equipment digging deep, random holes; fences destroyed here and there to the extent that property lines were obscured; squishy, stinky mud pools lurked where vegetation had been scraped away, trees uprooted…

Last night I had a dream.  About my yard.  In this dream, I was awakened early in the morning after a night during which I thought I had heard subtle noises in my back yard.  I walked out my back door to find everything transformed.

A babbling brook wound its way down my side yard, to join another threading its way through the back.  Fresh flowers and shapely shrubs were either in their newly planted homes or being readied for them.  I could see drainage systems being put in place underground so that in times of heavy rain, my home would not be flooded by brooks become raging rivers.  Although the work was not yet complete, there were no signs of the magnanimous workers or their equipment.

My home, my yard in that first dream years ago represented my heart, which at the time was undergoing a slow, brutal breaking.

This morning, I feel not only gratitude that my heart ultimately healed from those years, but a new excitement about the time ahead of me in my new home.  My home on wheels.  My home that will be able to bring me to many babbling brooks, forests full of stately trees, and adventures and challenges that will keep my heart full.  I am blessed.

(The photo for this post is of a neighbor’s beautiful fish pond.  Thank you Mary!)