River Art: Reflections

Play with the shadows

Tinker with light

Mirror the shapes and colors

Turn it upright

Place it topside below



. . .  . . .  . . .  What do you see? . . .  . . .  . . .
































Mother Nature’s Art Class


Get out your glue sticks, children!

and construction paper

and a pair of nice



baby scissors

Here is a box of 64-color Crayolas

Mmmmm they smell good, don’t they?

Play nice and share . . .

Okay, now throw it all out the window!

Then out we go

into my world . . .



FullSizeRender-1033Gravity’s artful dalliance

with a soft

and thoughtful breeze

perfectly fills our canvas





FullSizeRender-1043Shapes colors and shadows

evoke texture movement emotion

A golden van Gogh landscape

brings the senses home





FullSizeRender-999Colors go POP!

like a Warhol classic

multitudes masking

the uniqueness of one







strobe lights

complements of Sister Sun





FullSizeRender-1036Faces gently blushing

hearts softly flutter

a pastel palette

that does Monet proud





photo 1While naked trunks

and bare arms

grant graceful shading

in all the right places




FullSizeRender-1037Rembrandts of raindrops

on somber blacktop

Golden red brown on black . . .

a bold fashion statement





FullSizeRender-1027Beauty’s dying breath

captured, enraptured

with all the drama

of a da Vinci touch



FullSizeRender-1002Dried out veins

and empty dewdrops

no longer nourish

brittle fronds of lace





FullSizeRender-1026And back to the earth

to Mother’s sweet bosom

our subjects return

for a well-earned rest





FullSizeRender-1017Judgement suspended

as all art is lovely . . .

moving composition

a Matisse masterpiece!




The River Rages

Tennessee got off lucky compared to South Carolina this past weekend, where stories of the rains and flooding have been pretty extreme.  Flood watches for the river running by our campground have ended with the river rising a mere six feet above its normal flow (flood stage is 12 feet).  Even so, it has been awe inspiring to walk along its banks the last couple of days and compare its raging beauty to the placid pace it kept when I first arrived.  Here are a few pictures to show the comparison.


Calm reflections . . .

Calm reflections . . .

. . . belie the coming storm

. . . belie the coming storm


Feeder creek respectfully nudges its way into main river flow

Feeder creek respectfully nudges its way into main river flow

After the storm it spills its banks racing to its elder . . .

After the storm it spills its banks racing to join its elder . . .

. . . swollen with newfound power

. . . swollen with newfound power


Stepping stones and shallow waters . . .

Stepping stones and shallow waters . . .

. . . become an impassable, angry expanse

. . . become an impassable, angry expanse


Small, playful waterfalls . . .

Small, playful waterfalls . . .

. . . transform into a cauldron of mud-laden madness

. . . transform into a cauldron of mud-laden madness