To Adore:

To hold a deep, tender, abiding, forgiving Love for another.

Think about it. Really. Truly. Think about it.

Mother to son.  Father to daughter.  Best friends.  Childhood sweethearts…  Husband to wife to husband, and back around again and again and again.

A golden ring in its brightest, warmest, purest form…

To Adore:

A concept that makes the heart sigh… whether for joy or regret–or an unsettling mixture of the two–it doesn’t matter.

It reaches deeply into the soul to a place of selfless innocence, awakening memories, igniting imaginings… a glittering, golden thrill.

It’s a one-way word.

FullSizeRender-1218To Adore…





(Dedicated to all those couples–young, old, and in-between–that I know and have met along this journey who embrace a true love.  This includes the hands who occupy the two photos:  my son and his lady love on prom day, and Jo and Fred, who recently celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary.)



An unforgettable

New Year’s Eve


in the Sumter Oaks RV Park…


Laughter, joy,

singing, dancing


couples dance

to “Unforgettable”

one in particular …

Clasped so closely,

he leading

she so happy to follow

like teenagers again

though 50, 60 years

may have gone by

their love,


their embrace,


their moves,

beating heart upon beating heart,


through the haze of time

and an unsure mind,


that’s how they’ll stay

forever more

(Thank you to Nat King Cole and his daughter, Natalie Cole, for their renditions of this timeless song.  Natalie joined her father in the hereafter on New Year’s Eve.  May they enjoy their angelic duet forever more, even as they greet us when our time arrives, one by one by one.)

Wishing you …


Wishing you, and you, and you

a very merry Christmas day

May you find Peace in your soul

Love in your heart

Forgiveness where wanted

May you Celebrate these gifts

with those who are Beloved

May you Receive these gifts

from Surprising places

For the Joy of this Season

surpasses all labels

levels all walls

conquers all fear

if only

we are quiet

and listen