‘Tis Raining

It’s raining

It’s pouring

Everything is squirming

No pretty raindrops

Spring sunshine is blocked

by a sky full of ninjas worming!

Ninja caterpillars, to be more precise.  This post’s photo is of the top rail of the bench in the little doggy park here in our Florida campground.  They were sort of pretty at first.  Now, I just hate them.  They fly around on their silken threads, landing on Dawny, on me, on my hat, ALL over our little house on wheels…  They are coating my tires so thickly–you may thank me now for not giving you a photo of that–I fear that when I drive off I will get stuck, spinning my wheels in their slippery, slimy guts while trying to roll out of my site.   So gross!

Blessings Spring Eternal


To all those hardy souls who have suffered one of the worst Winters in a long, long time:  hang on!  Spring is on its way!  Here in Central Florida, it has arrived, and we promise to share it soon, in all of its glory.

FullSizeRender-282The trees in the swamp behind the campground are sprouting that vibrant, fresh green that nourishes you, body and soul.  The leaves are so tiny and new that you can still see clear through to the other side of the swamp, all the beautiful upright trunks draped in delicate shades of green lace.  Even the elephant ears, so recently shriveled by a hard winter freeze, are unfurling magnificent new leaves, awakened and inspired by birdsong at each break of day.

FullSizeRender-280Cows are wandering out of their fields and into the swampland, nibbling on new growth sprouting from small trees, pretending they are deer.  I saw at least a dozen back there the other day, stealing the deer’s delicacies.  Look at that guilty face.

FullSizeRender-125The Sandhill Crane that was wandering alone earlier this winter has found a mate, and this week two little chicks made their debut.  From a distance–and that is probably as close as they will get for awhile–they look like tiny, fuzzy flamingoes (they are pink!).

The fabric of my own little community remains true to its ever-changing nature, as well.  Many of my snowbird compatriots are slowly taking off, winding their way northward.  A few new ones settle in for a spell as they pass through this area from further south.

As I prepare for my departure, I know that the hardest part will be leaving new friends.  The ladies crafting group took me into their fold and I will so miss their chatter and their laughter, their pure talent and creativity.  I will especially miss Lee, who has her fingers on the pulse of this little community and, with her husband, help to keep it warm, welcoming, and well-fed.  The last Friday night jam session is this week and I expect it to be truly wonderful.  My beautiful new friends, Joy and Tony, plan to come to celebrate this last dance.  I can’t wait!

And next week, Dawny and I too will set forth.  Into our Spring, with promises of new friendships, lessons, and joy.  Strengthened and uplifted by this place and these people, by ties crafted beautifully and strong that will continue to connect us as we travel our different paths.  We are blessed.  We are all so blessed.