Toot Toot

On the one hand, if you toot your own horn, it can look self-serving and narcissistic.

On the other hand, if you don’t toot it, who will?  Besides, who cares how it looks?  We’re beyond looks here!

With that in mind and with Christmas around the corner, I offer up two suggestions for anyone on your list who enjoys ebooks.  Both are short, easy reads and both are very reasonably priced.  They can be found at my author page on Amazon’s ebooks site, which is pictured at the start of this post (link:

The 30th Day:  A Life Journey Novella is centered around the true story of a dear friend I interviewed earlier this year at our winter campground in Florida.  Rebeccah’s life journey shows how generational struggles and family connections mold the clay of our being and, most importantly, how forgiveness can free and inspire us to reach beyond.  The interviewer in the story is a fictional character who is inspired by Rebeccah to reconcile her own family history with her life choices of today.

Billy:  A Campground Chronicles Short Story is my own story, based on experiences this past summer while camp hosting at a campground in Tennessee.  Billy, a special needs teen, stayed at the campground with his family for two weeks.  The story offers an inside view as camp hosts, rangers, and campers all must find ways to deal with Billy’s antics and behavior.  It also shares a life lesson and a beautiful gift that he gave to me.

Whether you purchase the ebooks or not, thank you for reading my blog and keeping me company on my little journey.  A friend and blog-reader once commented that he was surprised at how such a private person would publicly share and reveal so much.  I hadn’t thought of that before, but after giving it some consideration, my response is threefold.

First, as a solo traveler, writing is a natural and cathartic way to share my thoughts and give voice to my words.  Even a loner gets a little loopy after too long a time talking to thin air (or the dog–love you Dawny).

Second, when my friend made that comment, I was slightly flummoxed.  I didn’t realize that I was sharing that much personal stuff.  My main goal has been to remain honest and real, but I suppose if you read between the lines, you can find some personal tidbits.

Finally, this blog has been a safe place where the readers, many of whom are friends, offer caring support and respect.  Just simply by “listening.”  I do appreciate that.  I appreciate you.  And it surely does ease the sharing part of things.

On that note, here is a toot-toot to all of you, wishing you a very merry Christmas, the happiest of holidays, and bountiful blessings in the coming new year.  Tooooooot!

Free Days

Another holiday weekend is approaching, so I set up a free promotion for The 30th Day this coming Saturday and Sunday, July 2nd and 3rd.  My blog post of February 26, 2016 provides an introduction to how the book came about (it was written with a very dear friend this past winter).  Here is a direct link to the book on Amazon’s ebooks site:, or it can be found through my Amazon author page at   Thank you to everyone who has read the book and for the feedback my friend and I have received from so many.

Enjoy a safe Fourth of July, everyone!

Three Days for The 30th Day

Popping in to let readers know that The 30th Day will be free on Amazon’s ebooks all three days this Memorial Day weekend, Saturday through Monday.  My blog post of February 26, 2016 gives some details about the book and how it came to be (pull up February 2016 in the Archives box in the column to the right to find the post most easily).

If you miss the free window, the cost is just $2.99.  You don’t have to own a Kindle to read an ebook.  Apps are readily available that allow you to read them on a variety of electronic devices.

Here is a link to The 30th Day on Amazon’s ebooks site:  It can also be found on my Amazon author page:

If you read the book and like it, a short review would be greatly appreciated.  You can do a review by visiting your Amazon account page and pulling up recent purchases.

Meanwhile, to all the soldiers and veterans out there:  Thank you for your service, especially on this coming day which honors your fallen brethren.  It looks like the weather in the DC area will be great for Rolling Thunder, an annual event held on the Sunday before Memorial Day that draws attention to and advocates for POWs and MIA service members.  It has grown from a couple of thousand riders in 1988 to half a million in recent years.  Riders gather in the Pentagon parking lot and at noon they start up their bikes at the same time (my, what a roar!).  They proceed slowly across the Memorial Bridge to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  It is a powerful thing to witness.  I can barely imagine what it must be like to actually participate.  Who knows.  Maybe some day I’ll be towing a motorcycle behind my little house and will be able to join the ride.

Everyone, enjoy this weekend and stay safe!

(Photo at start of post:  Flags brought by one of our campers this weekend.  He will carry them on the back of his Harley on Sunday as he rides in his twelfth Rolling Thunder.)