Dawny Has a Say

Sheesh!  Hard to get a word in edgewise with this one.  Well, she does do all the driving.  And shopping.  And cooking.  And planning.  I suppose she gets first-dibs on blog posts.

I’m just happy to report we are back on that rolling ribbon known more mundanely as “the road.”  We spent about a week on a farm in southern South Dakota so Mom could visit with her good friend.  I had to sit around in our house an awful lot while Mom was off doing her thing.  I had to remind her that, hey!, I’m still here… we’re in this thing together, right?

I am almost ashamed to say (“almost” being the key word) that I resorted to naughty behavior to try to help light a fire under her and get us moving again.  I am not allowed on her bed until and unless she invites me, usually just for naps and right before we get up in the morning.  Well, I decided that was my new spot and she was forever having to shoo me offa that thing!  Heck, she’d come back to the house and I’d wait til she opened the door and come in before I’d jump down from there with a big, tail-waggin’ grin!  I tried to stick out my tongue but it didn’t translate somehow… she just offered me water.

NOW I’m being good.  We had a short road-day today, but made it to a pretty campground and we are sitting on a pretty hill looking at a pretty lake.  Had a couple of great walks already, and there is a path that goes alllll the way around the lake.  I’m trying to talk Mom into doing the whole loop.  Maybe tomorrow after she gets a good night’s sleep.

All righty folks, dinner is done, dishes are done (now that is somewhere I am a BIG help… my middle name is Prewash), and it is walkaroo time!  Talk to you somewhere down that road again, I hope.  Meanwhile, you be good and I will try to, as well… when it suits me!