And Remember, Love is Not . . .

Ha!  Told ya I was heading off to work on a book and maybe check in once in a while and what do I do???  Post the very next day.  Oh well.  Apparently my attention span leaves something to be desired.

So today we arrived at a beautiful little state park in North Texas.  We stayed here last July when we were new-to-the-road and that is when we met a lovely couple that invited us to visit them at their ranch some day. We will arrive there tomorrow, and Dawny will get an eyeful of cows!

But back to the subject at hand.  For our evening walk, Dawny and I were strolling along the lakefront and we saw a cluster of people at the end of the fishing pier.  A man in a white shirt was at the head of the group, a sweet young couple–she in a tiny white halter minidress and he in a royal blue shirt and fancy jeans–held hands and smiled at each other.  About a dozen people, including a tiny baby and a sweet little flower girl, were there to witness.  A wedding, oh my!

We slowed our pace so that I could soak up the love in the atmosphere and Dawny could sniff out picnic crumbs.  All I could hear before we were out of earshot was, “And remember, love is not…”

Not what???

I can think of SO many things that it is… patient, kind, truthful… First Corinthians 13:4-7 is classic.  But I couldn’t think of specific nots.  This really bothered me.  I’ve been married twice.  You’d think I would have a list two arms long embracing what love is not.  At certain points in time, I was a fair expert on it.  But alas, I seem to have forgotten.

Dawny and I watched the ceremony wrap up.  The bride and groom kissed.  Pictures were taken.  Lots more kisses were planted all around.  Good people watched out for the flower girl when she wandered off too close to the water.  And I sat on a nearby bench waiting to see if I would have a chance to get an answer to this burning question, what is love not?

And good fortune smiled.  The wedding officiant and his wife said their goodbyes and walked up the path to their car.  Dawny and I intercepted them and I did my best to not act or sound sort of crazy.  Luckily, they were very open and kind.

“What is love not?,” I asked.

“It is not an emotion, it is a commitment,” he explained.  “If it was an emotion, we’d all get divorced the first time the toilet seat was left up.”

Well now, that does make sense.  It’s probably not original.  It’s one of those things that people know… really know… at certain points of their lives.  And just as often forget.  Unless they are lucky enough to find someone who will help them remember, when times are at their lowest.

I hope this young couple can grow in that kind of a love.  I was very touched by their simple little wedding.  Sunset on the water.  Surrounded by the dearest of family and friends (the officiant was the bride’s uncle).  Nothing fancy.  Just a commitment made.  To love and honor each other all the days of their lives.